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Jeritan Kuntilanak

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Cast: Andrew Ralph Roxburgh, Furry Citra, Garneta Harun, Joanna Alexandra, Julia Perez, Zaki Zimah
Director: Koya Pagayo
Writer: Shinta Rianasari (writer)
Classification: 18PL
Genre: Horror
General Release Date: 21 Jan 2010
Running Time: 1 Hour 19 Minutes,
Distributor: Golden Screen Cinemas
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian

A group of friends, Reina (Garneta Harun), Ferry (Andrew Ralph Roxburgh), Bimo (Zaki Zimah), Lila (Furry Citra) and Vivin (JoannaAlexandra), go on vacation that ends up terribly wrong when Lila dies from an asthma attack. The gang panics and transport her body to an old house where it later mysteriously disappears. Unable to cope with their fears, the group takes off without her body. Back in the city, life goes on as normal in campus. They keep Lila's death a secret but Vivin wants to tell the truth to Lila's sister, Yunita (Julia Perez) after a series of horrible nightmares. However, she could not do so without betraying her friends. Soon, her friends one by one begin to die a horrible death or mysteriously disappear, leaving Vivin the next target.,
Watch online Movie Trailer free Jeritan kuntilanak Indonesian Hollywood Film.The film Directed by Koya Pagayo.